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Eat in Polignano a Mare. Restaurants and Trattorias, where you can eat by the sea or in the historic centre

Orecchiette, grilled octopus , potatoes, rice and mussels, panzerotti, fish sandwich, mussels au gratin, bread balls, restaurants to try.

Restaurants and Trattorias, where to eat in Polignano sul mare or in the historic centre

Enjoying a delicious meal without emptying your wallet is the desire of many, whether on holiday or exploring your city. With a little cunning and creativity, it is possible to satisfy your palate without spending a fortune.

In my column "A Portata di Manu" I offer you ideas, experiences and itineraries, but also things to do if you come to these parts, whether you are a foreign visitor or a tourist at home. In the article (next to each individual experience) all the references for booking tickets or excursions or guided tours in the area are indicated.

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I'll give you my personal list of trattorias and restaurants where you can eat in Polignano a Mare by the sea or in the historic centre

Restaurants and Trattorias, where to eat in Polignano sul mare or in the historic centre

Discover the secrets to eating well while spending " the right amount" whether you are traveling or looking for new places to try in your city. From local eateries to hidden corners of markets, exploring options that offer taste and convenience. With a pinch of savings and a generous dose of discovery, every meal becomes a satisfying experience for the palate and the wallet.

Restaurants and Trattorias, where to eat in Polignano sul mare or in the historic centre

Osteria Piga - Pietro and Gaetano have created a real jewel. The environment is rustic and familiar. The highlights of the menu are Taglieri, artisan pasta and meat main courses. I suggest you try the Spaghetti all'assassina with buffalo mozzarella and the "Braciole" with diaphragm sauce. Also unforgettable are the pappardelle with porcini mushrooms during the season. It is located outside the historic center.

Ancient Walls - For some it is a romantic place despite being rustic due to the white walls. The cuisine is divine. You can find fish-based dishes typical of Apulian cuisine. Try the lobster linguine

Restaurants and Trattorias, where to eat in Polignano sul mare or in the historic centre

Osteria dei Mulini You can eat well with fish-based menus. I recommend the gnocchi with clams and a mixed fry to taste.


Locanda Porta Pic - The fish is delicious and they also have an excellent wine list

Il Grottino The place is really informal almost without pretensions. We eat in the Apulian style. A classic Apulian trattoria with typical cuisine based on orecchiette with turnip tops and much more. A beautiful, very local experience that I recommend you not to miss.

Grotta Ardito Restaurant - It is located on the sea and the summer terrace overlooking the sea is truly something incredibly beautiful to look at while eating. The fish is always fresh. I suggest Arso wheat Orecchiette with pistachio cream, prawns and speck or the great classic Cavatelli with mussels and clams

Details of the Sea - Chef Francesco takes great care, it must be said, of the details of the dishes he brings to the table. I recommend you book.


Pescaria - To enter on public holidays, there are standing queues of 15/20 m. I assure you that if you are in Polignano for a spot visit it is worth queuing. It's a fish fast food restaurant that has created a new way of eating raw and cooked fish. He makes excellent sandwiches with tartarre, and offers a sandwich or a special dish weekly. You will find many interesting proposals that are worth tasting.

Ruz - I liked it mainly because of the name of the place "Cucina Confidential". Then I was there twice and one of these I organized a table with 8 people. I recommend it to you


- Leo's Braci d'Autore - Braceria Restaurant.. If you go there, take the meat starters, really very good, the very tasty sweetbreads such as the very tender beef cheek cooked at low temperature

If you go to visit San Vito, the wonderful hamlet of Polignano a Mare and want to eat excellent fish, an obligatory stop

La Colonna restaurant

You can eat a good pizza in Polignano a Mare

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