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10 must-do things in Polignano a Mare

Updated: May 27

The city of Domenico Modugno is the most welcoming in the world according to the Traveller Review Awards 2023 di

Polignano a Mare is the most welcoming city in the world in 2023. So if you are thinking about your next destination, now is the best time to come to Puglia.

From my column "A portata di Manu" I offer you ideas and itineraries but also things to do if you are coming to these parts, even on a day trip, whether you are a foreign visitor or a tourist at home.

If you are planning your vacation in Puglia or simply live in Puglia but in another geographic area and don't have at least one friend, or a friend of a friend, to call for some tips, you are in the right place. Follow my suggestions.

If you would like to introduce us to your business or simply suggest unique experiences that you would like everyone to know about, write to us at We will be happy to visit you


If you are planning your vacation in Puglia or simply live in Puglia but in another geographical area and don't have at least one friend, or a friend of a friend, to call for some tips, you are in the right place.

We often underestimate the beauty and attractions of our own Region, accustomed to seeing them every day. Polignano is one of those tourist attractions NOT TO BE MISSED in this wonderful land.

Cross and delight of this city is parking. Trains are the best means of transportation for environmental sustainability By the way, Polignano, if you are on the coast is well connected with TRENITALIA

Otherwise I point out these parking area if you prefer to come by car

- Via Basile - (upstream side) Entering from Polignano Sud, coming from Monopoli, on the left side of the roadway you will see an ESSO gas station, skirting it after 100 mt you can see the parking lot.

- Marco Polo - (sea side) near the Pino Pascali Foundation) From this parking lot in 5 minutes walk you reach the center of Polignano allowing you to enjoy the view of the Scoglio dell'Eremita. This parking lot is equipped with public toilets for every need.

- San Francesco, in the heart of Polignano, you arrive from the exit of the SS16 Polignano/Conversano


Tour among the balconies of the historic center

(Foto, fonte Web)

In the historic center of Polignano, it is possible to stroll while looking at the sea, thanks to Polignano's spectacular balconies: all the streets of the historic center overlook loggias overlooking the sea. The tuor starts from the central square, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele or Piazza San Benedetto. The most famous balcony in Polignano is the one overlooking Lama Monachile. My favorite is this one in photo Balconata Terrazza Santo Stefano, This walk is ideal if you want to visit Polignano on foot.

Taking a photo in Lama Monachile

(Foto, fonte Web)

The Lama Monachile is one of the most popular places in Polignano a Mare. The most photographed cliff on social media. It is formed by two rock walls overhanging the sea with a small inlet in the middle. According to tradition it would seem that the term "monachile" comes from the fact that there were once numerous monk seals here. Now world famous, it hosts the world's most famous diving championship the Red Bull Cliff Diving

Singing VOLARE under the statue of Domenico Modugno

(Foto, fonte Web)

Domenico Modugno is considered the father of Italian singer-songwriters and as a performing author is among the greatest in Europe. He was born on January 9, 1928, in Polignano a Mare, The statue dedicated to this singer was created by Argentine sculptor Hermann Mejer, which depicts him with his arms wide open as if to embrace his hometown. Time after time it has become a pilgrimage destination for those who wish to take a souvenir photo with their arms outstretched like him, singing his famous song "Volare". The statue has been placed so that his back is not to the sea or the town

Seeing an exhibition at the Pino Pascali Foundation

(Foto, fonte Web)

The Fondazione Pino Pascali is located in Polignano a Mare and is the only museum dedicated to Contemporary Art in Puglia. I recommend you keep the museum's website handy so you don't miss some unique exhibitions. Meanwhile, if you want to visit it inside you will find some works by Pino Pascali, including the wonderful "bristle worms."

Boat tours among sea caves

One thing to do in Polignano a Mare is definitely a tour of the sea caves. The whole coastline is full of them and some of them are really characteristic and enchanting. This is the case of Grotta Ardito, or the Blue Grotto or the Grotta delle monache or the enchanting Grotta Palazzese from which the restaurant of the same name takes its name, and the romantic Grotta dei Fidanzati, which can only be reached by swimming.

Booking a boat tour in Polignano a mare is very easy I suggest some of them as DORINO ask for Nicola or Escursioni Sofia .

Admiring Peppino Campanella's workshop, overlooking the cliff overlooking the sea

Glass objects are real sculptures, come to life in this atelier-workshop located in an old oil mill. He himself calls his workshop a "wunderkammer," a chamber of wonders. I dream of furnishing my home with one of his desk lamps. Peppino welcomes everyone to his workshop. equipped with a spectacular terrace overlooking the sea. One of Polignano a Mare's most striking landscapes. This terrace is the stage for private events especially during the summer, such as the highly anticipated and exclusive post-festival events of "Il Libro Possibile." This terrace turns on those days into a magical place where your dreams can come true and life-changing encounters can happen, but only if you are on the Guest List or you "grab" the invitation to enter!

Drinking the special coffee

Drinking the special coffee is a Must- do. A coffee that was invented in Polignano by Mr. Frost Wizard, Mario Campanella, which then became the typical local drink.

Coffee, sugar, lemon zest, cream and amaretto: 5 magical ingredients that give life to a coffee served lukewarm in glass cups. I suggest you go and try it in the very central café in front of the arch of Polignano where precisely it was invented Il Super Mago del Gelo

Taking a dive from the cliff of "Il Grottone"

(Foto, fonte Web)

Favorite place for Polignanesi to go to the sea in summer. The waters are crystal clear. Polignanesi consider it the most beautiful spot in the world for swimming in the sea.

However to dive, other current of Polignanesi choose Cala Port'alga, counted among the most striking coves in the area or Cala Paura, ideal for children, with pebbles, located within the characteristic fishermen's port. If you are looking for sand and do not want to give up comfort, I suggest the Spiaggia di San Giovanni (equipped beach with front row seats on the shoreline) or the wild but beautiful Spiaggia di San Vito.

Attend at least one of the coolest summer events: THE POSSIBLE BOOK, REDBULL CLIFF DIVING, WONDERFUL MODUGNO

Pictured on the trampoline is me. Polignano is also famous because it hosts a stage of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, international diving competition. The next edition will take place on July 1-2, 2023. To give you an idea of what happens on this occasion, take a look at this spectacular dive tuffo del campione Alessandro De Rose

IL LIBRO POSSIBILE anything is possible during this week such as crossing famous and celebrated authors on the street that we are usually used to seeing on TV.

Visit SAN VITO ABBAZIA and have lunch in a small restaurant by the sea.

(Foto, fonte Web)

San Vito Abbazia is the main artistic attraction of this small village named after Polignano's patron saint. It is located 3 km from the town of Polignano a Mare, and is known for its quaint little port and the imposing San Vito Abbazia a monastery built on the ruins of a Greek city.

After visiting the foot of the Abbey La veranda da Giselda has become an ideal pop destination and restaurant in which to drink good vito rosé accompanied by a fried seafood or spaghetti with seafood.

Se state cercando una struttura ricettiva dove soggiornare durante la vostra vacanza potete scegliere tra quelle offerte da Ci sono diverse soluzioni per tutte le tasche con foto e recensioni oppure sul sito dell'agenzia regionale del turismo Pugliapromozione e fare una ricerca per area e tipologia di Accomodation che cercate.

TOP LEVEL RESTAURANTS to go at least once in a lifetime.

- Osteria del Chichibio - The environment of the restaurant as well as the menu is designed to instill a sense of well-being

- Grotta Palazzese - A dizzying place. A cave carved into the cliff. You come there for the place or to celebrate a very important moment in life.

- Tuccino - If you talk to a Polignanese and ask him the best seafood restaurant, the answer is Tuccino. Since 1968.

- Covo dei Saraceni - Hotel and Restaurant overlooking the sea. They have a wishing terrace that is the end of the world for an unforgettable dinner

-Ristorante Meraviglioso - A modern Osteria that Chef Panzarini manages to make a Wonderful dining experience.

Follow my suggestions. If you would like to introduce us to your business or simply suggest unique experiences that you would like everyone to know about, write to us at we will be happy to visit you

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