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10 things you must do in Singapur

Updated: May 14

Three days here is the ideal time to fully discover the city. An island city-state south of Malaysia, Singapur is the second most densely populated country in the world after Monaco. Here's what you can do and see during your stay.

Singapore Marina Bay Saìnds airport Changi manuela lenoci

This Asian city is much more than a tourist destination; it is a cultural experience that offers visitors a unique perspective on contemporary Asia. It is a city that continues to reinvent itself, always offering new opportunities for exploration and discovery for those who are ready to embrace the future with enthusiasm and curiosity.

First of all, Singapore is a fusion of cultures. An enchanting blend of Chinese, Malay and Indian traditions that merge harmoniously into the cityscape.

Singapore Marina Bay Saìnds airport Changi manuela lenoci

Since its split from Malaysia in 1965, Singapore has ambitiously embraced independence, aspiring to become the financial capital of Southeast Asia and a pioneer in building the city of the future. The city is at the forefront of sustainable and green building design. Before constructing skyscrapers, local ecology is considered, and solutions that promote biodiversity and energy efficiency are implemented.

In my column "A portata di Manu" I offer you ideas, experiences and itineraries as well as things to do if you come to these parts whether you are a foreign visitor or a tourist at home. In the article (next to each experience) are all the references for booking tickets or excursions or guided tours in the area .

Singapore Marina Bay Saìnds airport Changi manuela lenoci

Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia. Located at the southern tip of Malaysia, it is spread over an archipelago made up of 58 islands of which the main one is Singapore Island that houses the metropolis.


To get to Singapore from Italy, you can leave from Rome or Milan, but only Singapore Airlines offers direct nonstop flights. The trip takes about 15h. To Your knowledge there are other airlines that go to Singapore but have stopovers. These include British Airway (with a stopover in London 18h total) Finnair (with a stopover in Helsinki 18 h) Qatar Air line (with a stopover in Doha 18 h), Ethiad, Emirates (with a stopover in Dubai on 20h), Lufthansa, Turkish etc.

Currency: Singapore's official currency is the Singapore dollar (SGD, S$, $),

Time of day Singapore is 6 hours ahead of Italy

Here 10 things you must do in Singapur

Be enchanted by the stunning waterfall inside the Singapore airport.

The first cool thing...of all of them for me was the visit to Changi Airport as soon as we landed and before flying back to Italy. The first vibe as soon as you arrive is WOW. You are faced with the tallest indoor waterfall in the world, right here in Singapore's Jewel Changi Airport, within a 5-story shopping mall. At more than 40 meters high, it is also the largest indoor waterfall in the world. È un'esperienza visiva incredibilmente unica e che sono contenta di aver visto, soprattutto perchè all'interno di uno scalo che, nel 2018,

An incredibly unique visual experience that I am glad to have witnessed, especially because inside a hub that, in 2018, had transit for 65.6 million people. As you approach you begin to hear the sounds of wildlife in the forest. Obviously all damn fake but awfully real. This impressive waterfall cascades from a glass and steel dome, which is powered by rainwater and is surrounded by hundreds of plants, creating a greenhouse-like atmosphere.

Exploring Gardens by the Bay, with its futuristic icons and lush gardens

Gardens by the Bay, it's like being in a playground of the future. All incredibly gorgeous, especially the view of the "Supertree" of which the web is buzzing if you want to have an idea of what they are. They have the same shape of the Tree of Life that Expo Milano proposed to us a few years ago. They rise up to 50 meters like botanical giants of the future, connected by a spectacular walkway. Almost every night there is an evening performance of sound and light, known as Garden Rhapsody. The trees are lighted with hypnotic lights that keep you visually tied up until the end of the show.

They represent one of Singapore's most precious horticultural resources. This vast park, with a cost of $1 billion, covers an area of 101 hectares and houses nearly 400,000 plants, along with several spectacular contemporary buildings. Most surprisingly, there are two huge greenhouses that stand as futuristic structures next to Marina Bay: one is dedicated to ancient olive trees, while the other houses a large tropical mountain. .

Head to the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel to enjoy a drink while you take a dip in the Infinity Pool

Did it!

I went up there and also had a bath in the Infinity Pool.

The real star indeed is her, the pool. The people, do not go there to make conversation at least if you are a first-time visitor. The thrill is too strong, the expectations so high, and you want to snap every moment you can. The Marina Bay complex gets its name from the famous Marina Bay Sands Luxury Hotel, which has fast earned a spot among the city's distinctive symbols.

Singapore Marina Bay Saìnds airport Changi manuela lenoci Infinity POOL

This lighted giant overlooking the entire skyline, opened in 2010, consists of three towers, each 191 meters high, connected by a platform that looks like the silhouette of a ship, resting on the roof. On this platform is the world's tallest infinity pool, a breathtaking experience that I have dreamed of doing and have done.

It offers not only the thrill of heights, but also an amazing panoramic view of the city. Sadly, access to the pool is reserved exclusively for hotel guests (From 420 euros per night) However, for those who wish to experience some of this magic, there is the option of enjoying a drink at the bar near the pool, or dining at the Italian restaurant located on the rooftop, or going to play at the Casino among the largest in the world. It is a flagship that attracts hundreds of visitors every day.

Experience the vibrant culture of Chinatown, with its traditional temples, stores and restaurants.
Singapore Marina Bay Saìnds airport Changi manuela lenoci CHINATOWN

Chinatown was recently named one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world for 2023. If you've never been to China, it is like really being in China! It is a culture-rich district housing dozens of temples, with a vibrant nightlife, cheap restaurants, street art, exotic hotels, quirky stores and other hidden treasures. I share with you a list of the best things to do while exploring Chinatown in Singapore.

The Buddha Temple of the Tooth with the Buddha reliquary is very beautiful, I was unfortunately only able to visit it from the outside. The Chinatown Heritage Centre is a top attraction near the Chinatown Street Market in Singapore. This 3-story building has six galleries, living spaces, furniture and artifacts of the early settlers of Chinatown. Guests can learn about the personal stories of the old settlers and step back in time to experience the history of Chinatown through engaging exhibits and experiences.

The Chinatown Street Market is another cultural and historical highlight. Chinese houses stretch from Pagoda Street to Sago Lane, and as you walk around you will be pulled in by the stalls selling street food and souvenirs. A visit to Chinatown is complete if you eat Chinese food. Interesting is the Chinatown Complex that is the biggest hawker center (street food area) to eat in Singapore, with more than 260 food stalls, serving everything. In short, the street food restaurants that thrill the world.

Singapore Marina Bay Saìnds airport Changi manuela lenoci CHINATOWN

It is quite impossible to taste everything, but I suggest you try the Chili Crab - chili crab, or the noodles especially those with vegetables. Chicken wings are also interesting and fried (which you can also eat at the hotel for breakfast they serve them

with eggs and rice) and local desserts. If you have enough time the "Lion City" (Singapura's original meaning) which is now among the "Asian Tigers" along with Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea, features an iconic collection of street art and murals to admire, portraying past and present, hidden among the commercial houses and cultural sites. For example, we enjoyed spending a few hours exploring the creations of Yip Yew Chong very nice is his colorful mural located at the Lantern Festival near Temple Street..

Enjoy a walk along Marina Bay and admire the city's impressive skyline
Singapore Marina Bay Saìnds airport Changi manuela lenoci

The walking tour can start from the National Stadium, Singapore's largest sports arena located in Kallang. From there you can walk down Stadium Boulevard in an easterly direction, alongside the picturesque Kallang River. Although it is humid it is still pleasant to take a walk on the majestic Benjamin Sheares Bridge, which extends almost 2 km and connects the east of Singapore to the vibrant city cente. Walking on the bridge offers another perspective of the view of Marina Bay and the Singapore straits, as almost all in this area do.

Singapore Marina Bay Saìnds airport Changi manuela lenoci

If you have sufficient time, you can go to the iconic Singapore Flyer, which stands 200 meters high and offers a panoramic view of the city that is like none other. The walk if you are following my tips can end near the iconic Esplanade Theatres on the Bay.

Do visit Sentosa Island for a day of fun among beaches, attractions and theme parks.

I was there for an evening event also though I was enjoying the light by reaching this island in the late afternoon. A real American thing. I liked it very much.

This island is the top recreation spot for Singaporeans, especially on the weekends. It's small but powerful. and it has it all: beaches, cultural events, and lots of things to do. And there are really cool ways to get there:

Sentosa Express: This train takes you directly from VIVO City to Sentosa Island for only 4SGD (€2.70) per trip.

Sentosa Bus: If you want to go big, take the Sentosa Bus that connects you to HarbourFront Station for only 3SGD (2.10€).

Cable Car (Cable Car): This is the coolest option, but it costs a bit. The ticket for adults costs 33SGD (22.60€) (round trip) and for children 22SGD (15.10€). It leaves from HarbourFront Tower 2 and takes you up to Mount Faber.

Cab or car rental: If you would rather go by car, you only have to pay 2SGD (1.40€) per person to access the island.

To get to the cable car, train or bus, simply take from la linea viola della MRT fino a HarbourFront. Once there, follow the directions to find out about all available means of transportation

Heading to Clarke Quay, the best place to experience the city's most happening nightlife, with trendy restaurants overlooking the river
Singapore Marina Bay Saìnds airport Changi manuela lenoci CLARKE QUAY

Clarke Quay is Singapore's most iconic nightlife and entertainment district, and perhaps the most chic. It's cool as can be!!!!!!! WHICH IS WHY I BORROWED A PHOTO FROM THE INTERNET THAT WOULD RENDER THE IDEA OF THE OVERALL BEAUTY, WHICH I COULD NOT CAPTURE WITH MY LENS.

It is the real center of aggregation. And this is where Singapore's most famous and popular nightclubs are located. As well as dozens of bars and restaurants.

Singapore Marina Bay Saìnds airport Changi manuela lenoci CLARKE QUAY

It is crowded with hotels with spectacular Rooftops and restaurants serving fresh seafood and live music venues. One evening I tried the Red House Seafood, a "luxury" must-have for to me, because I love Chinese food (and must indulge once in a while). We also went to Jamboo, also in Clarke Quay, where we tasted the real Singapore speciality, crab chili, "Chilli Grab to the World" cooked in different ways. Here you can check out the Menù. Clarke Quay is located along the Singapore River, very close to Boat Quay, Clarke Quay subway stop

Exploring the Little India neighborhood, with its colorful temples, spice stores and authentic restaurants

It is a vibrant city due to its cultural contaminations and influences that have been preserved over time. Little India, is the most authentic and the least expected neighborhood in Singapore. The most characteristic: the scent of incense, the garish buildings, the typical stores are some of the aspects that make it so interesting. While the atmosphere is what is most striking about this neighborhood.

be sure to visit the Tekka Centre, Little India Arcade, and the various temples you will come across. If you want to go shopping, The Mustafá Centre is a must-see, IT'S HUGE. With its 24-hour stores, it is located on the important Serangoon Road, the nearest subway station is Farrer Park. Just a detail, there are multiple Bollywood magazines on the street that catch everyone's attention.

Go for a ride in the Singapore Flyer, the world's largest Ferris wheel, for a breathtaking view of the city.

I did not go up there because I am so afraid of Ferris wheels, but it deserves special attention. All the details and activities you can do while you are at high altitude, you can find them QUI

Savor local street food at the Maxwell Food Centre food markets or Lau Pa Sat.
Singapore Marina Bay Saìnds airport Changi manuela lenoci HAWKER CENTER

I definitely have a love for food, but Chinese and Asian food in general have a special place in my heart, stomach and all. If I had had more time I would have gone there every day. They are called Hawker Centre. and it would be the street food of excellence. Singaporeans love to eat out at these hawker centers, that are, large indoor spaces that bring together different stalls where they can enjoy specialties of all kinds to eat sitting at a table or take-out. You absolutely must go and eat da Al Lau Pa Sat Food Hawker Centre you find food 24 Hours a Day is perhaps the most famous, certainly the largest and busiest of the open-air food hubs, Singapore's Hawker Centers.

Singapore Marina Bay Saìnds airport Changi manuela lenoci HAWKER CENTER

It is open the seven days a week, It is the most fascinating architecturally: the only low-rise building in the entire neighborhood, with a Victorian flair, situated among the tall concrete and crystal towers of the Central Business District. You won't be disappointed, I can assure you. This is where you will find the widest variety of street food, with enough space to seat up to 2,500 people at once. Sometimes there is also live music. The closest subway stop is Bugis. Alternatively, you can enjoy authentic local dishes also very cheep for $1 at Maxwell Food Centre, where you can find Tian Tian's famous chicken fried rice.

A walk along Orchard Road, the city's main shopping street.
Singapore Marina Bay Saìnds airport Changi manuela lenoci ORHCARD ROAD

Orchard Road is the symbol of shopping in Singapore. Even if you are not passionate about shopping, a walk along this road is a must. The city's beating heart this is where you will find most of the most renowned shopping malls where you can make crazy purchases if you have enough credit cards, Two things to explore along Orchard Road are ION Orchard, one of Singapore's most renowned shopping malls, and Emerald Hill Road, where you can admire the city's picturesque Peranakan shophouses.

Getting lost among the healing plants at the Singapore Botanical Garden

After crossing Orchard Road, the Giardino botanico Is located down the street.

If you come by subway, there is just the Botanic Gardens stop. You can enjoy free tours if you come around on Saturdays - (Free Guided Tour)

There are over hundreds of species of healing plants, and there is also the National Orchid Garden inside where over a thousand species of Orchids are grown, with about 600 of them on public display. This is the largest tropical orchid display in the world.

Sultan Mosque at Bussorah Street: all the glamour of the Arab Quarter.
Singapore Marina Bay Saìnds airport Changi manuela lenoci SULTAN MOSQUE

The Sultan Mosque is the largest and most magnificent mosque in Singapore, with sumptuous architecture that includes white walls, four majestic minarets and a golden dome that is eye-catching as soon as you see it. Along this walkway, there are many bars and restaurants with a Chic atmosphere, the palm trees create a very scenic setting, especially because they are very tall, leaving in the background, the golden dome of the Sultan Mosque.


We spent our stay at the Hotel Indigo, a real dream with a rooftop pool for guests to use. The rooftop pool was just one of the many extras that made for a great stay. This hotel really impressed me, not only with its elegance and design, but especially with the many advantages offered to guests. Finding a cell phone available in my room was a blessing because it allowed me to connect to the Internet without having to purchase an Asian number, especially for navigating maps and planning travel by public transportation or cab. In addition, I really appreciated the fact that toothbrush and toothpaste were always available in convenient disposable packages.

Asian breakfast was a masterpiece with eggs, chicken, rice, and all kinds of noodles that could be ordered from the menu

Altri hawker centre in cui ho mangiato e che vi consiglio Makasuntra Gluttons Bay

Uno Street Food Indiano Musulmano fantastico con cibo di altissima qualità che propone i piatti più amati dalla popolazione locale. Qui trovi anche cucina italiana. Si chiama Saporita ed è il primo ristorante italiano halal che porta i sapori autentici dell'Italia nel patrimonio dello street food di Singapore. Andateci quando siete in zona Marina Bay

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