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Maglie, Mercatino del Gusto, XXIV Edition

From 1st to 6th August a sensory journey with Dinners in the Villa, Gusto folk, Masserie Didattiche, the sweet street, Piazza del Vino, Gusto lab, Taste of poetry, Jazz, junior market, Tirar tardi at night and much more quality street food.

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What makes an unforgettable food and wine experience are precisely the small details that make every dish and every sip of wine shine! It's not just about food, but about discovering thepassion, the love and the art behind each culinary creation.

From 1th to 6th August get ready for this sensory journey in Maglie, the XXIV edition of the Mercatino del Gusto is about to return, bringing with it the flavours, the sounds and the most authentic smells of southern Italy,

An incredible culinary show as well as one of the longest-running taste events in Puglia. This year's theme is “The detail that makes the difference” , what makes the difference in a quality project. “The difference between something good and something great'” lies in the attention to detail. Che is a dish , a dress, a wine, a farmhouse are the details that make a product unique, but also universal.

You can consult and download the event program directly from the MARKET OF TASTE (programme)

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This year I'll be there for the evening column too TIRAR TARDI Sunday 6 August starting from 11.00 pm - CAPECE HIGH SCHOOL - FREE ADMISSION

An “intimate living room”, in the moonlight, where you can talk about stories, faces, souls, laughter, sounds, noble and pleasant thoughts. Late in the evening, space is given to words, music and signature cocktails. An appointment dedicated to those who love and experience the night, to those who can't resist the surprises that darkness holds, to those who don't want to waste his time sleeping.

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Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Youtube or the dear "old" Facebook. Opportunity or slavery?

With Manuela Lenoci (A pugliese around the world), Lela Tommasi (social media manager), Eleonora Tricarico (marketing and communication) , Fabiana Vitulli (digital creator), Ester Fracasso (general manager)

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