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“Art a Porter”: Fabulous Luxury Bags that are inspired by Puglia

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Authentic "works of art" made by Annalisa Caricato using 3D items applied to all the accessories in its collections. Pop, ironic and original.

annalisa caricato luxury bag dedicate alla Puglia

The shoes are like lovers (chosen on impulse). handbags are similar to husbands: before marrying one, you think about it for a while.

If we stop and reflect, a handbag can be more helpful than a husband (at least the one of the 2.0 age), it never gives up on us (in our time of need), it takes care of everything (without complaining), gaining the role of status-symbol among "accessories" for women all over the world. This quote is from journalist and art critic Paola Jacobbi, who I follow with great enthusiasm and whose philosophy of lifestyle I completely share. In fact, the one with handbags is an enduring relationship, in intention at least. (Crazy for Bags! 2005).

And while in my head always resounds my mother's phrase, "What a bad attitude you have daughter of mine" (I can even recognize the intonation of her voice), I am wondering how it is possible that a woman's innate talent in choosing a handbag, which represents her alter-ego, her first aid, and her everything, will go to hell when her arm has to extend it to a man.

On a personal note, I have been swallowing so many frogs in my life, Prince Charming might have ended up among them. (cit) I may have kissed just as many, but no one, unfortunately, has turned into one. Which is the reason why since I discovered Annalisa Caricato's “Lovely Prince Frog” di Annalisa CaricatoI started to believe again in miracles by watching them with a keen self-irony.

In Short, an upstanding shy girl who is in love with love, with a apparent hard bark but a tender heart.

annalisa caricato luxury bag dedicate alla Puglia

Wow how cool is that! The only words I have been able to express as soon as I saw it. A "shop bag" especially dedicated to us, sweet latest romantics on this planet earth. It's no ordinary bag. It is the fairy tale.

If you have never heard of it, you need to do a refresh on the new trends of Luxury Bag Brand ART A PORTER by Annalisa Caricato.I would like to invite you to have a look through her collections in which she offers bags with 3D decorations, hand made and applied on them, one by one, by master artisans. Her bags are made entirely in Italy in all possible models so you can fancy: crossbody, belt bag, small tote and shopping bag.

I was taken by theDaisy Power” minibag. Only by wearing it I realize the true meaning of of what it means to "incorporate a territory" and to be raised in a magical region like Apulia. A field of margheritas, a beautiful spread of white flowers among which a poppy sprouts. 'Love is like a flower, it needs to be "watered" every day, by making a sincere love story with solid roots blossom and then flourish.

annalisa caricato luxury bag dedicate alla Puglia

Annalisa is from Bari but she lives in Switzerland, where she moved after experiencing the creations she made for haute couture maisons on the most prestigious fashion runways halfway around the world. Her bags are about Puglia, which she represents in a "pop" style with the genuine freshness of her memories of a little girl who grew up in this land.

Spreads of white daisies, red poppies, prickly pears, parrot feathers, butterflies, dandelions, nocturnal landscapes, beautiful floral applications shine on the bags of her first collection. A T-shirt is paired with each creation, completing a story, the one in which a woman can be lost without the need for words. As in the "Lovely Prince Frog" where a dreamy princess tries to kiss a frog, tied to a passionate story. Definitely my favorite!

I mean with lightness and irony, you feel you can grab the world, being aware that you are wearing real works of art. What if your intent is to leave an imprint, the result is assured.

annalisa caricato luxury bag dedicate alla Puglia

I remember an episode from a few years ago when I was interested not only in the beauty itself of the bag but also in its ability to contain the world in it, which I considered at the time to be all necessary.

On a Christmas Eve I had first accepted an invitation to lunch, from one of my ex fiance's parents at the time. My "mother-in-law" on that occasion gifted me with a handbag that I greatly appreciated and still wear. And that gift gave me the positive thought that she had good taste and class as well as respect for traditions so much that she cooked panzerotti for everyone. I have always loved panzerotti and those who know me know that I like to "schiscetta" (host's gift to the special guest, with leftovers from meal) to enjoy at breakfast the next day (I like salty better than sweet). At the time of greetings, on the door step, my much-loved mother-in-law said "this is a thought for you." At that moment I got excited, I thought "today I found the right family for me," they fulfill my wishes without even having known me.

annalisa caricato luxury bag dedicate alla Puglia

Unfortunately, instead of panzerotti's schiscetta, I received a free "trash bag" to be dropped off in the dumpster under the house.

It is good to keep in mind, that " The only men to chase are muggers. And that's not even certain, it depends on the bag." (cit)

And for all your chest dreams, I recommend you visit Annalisa Caricato instgram profile or her Facebook fanpage and choose your favorite bag and show it off, having fun with "style."

Photo Credits Roberta Campanella

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