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Bubble Glamping in Basilicata: sleeping under the stars

A weekend in Lucania where I slept in a "Bubble" and walked the Tibetan Bridge alla luna

Rocco Papaleo in the famous film "Basilicata Coast to Coast" said "Basilicata is a bit like the concept of God, believe it or not, it exists."

Sports, unspoiled landscapes, quality food, romantic nights. A region that is growing and investing in infrastructure to make its natural beauty more usable. Still too unfashionable, if you choose outside the "Capital of Culture Matera." but finally now able to offer a vast program of things to do and see "beyond" Matera.

I went there over the Easter weekend. It was an unusual experience, an out-of-town trip that turned out to be full of adrenaline. Let's me tell you about. I slept in a bubble in the woods. I had a "glamping" experience, then

I walked across the 100-meter-high and 300-meter-long Tibetan Bridge alla Luna and finally had a divine lunch in an old-fashioned trattoria enjoying cruschi peppers and an excellent pork roast.


Let's start with the meaning of the word "Glamping." It comes from the union of the word Glamour - Camping, or rather glamorous camping, and it was an experience that allowed me to enjoy the beauty of nature without sacrificing comfort.

I drove from Bari to Satriano di Lucania (PT) to spend Easter night romantically. The cold temperature did not work in our favor, but I enjoyed very much the enchantment of an unusual stay in a facility surrounded by nature, far from any noise and light pollution of the cities,

Bubbles are large transparent bubbles usually made of plastic (but the material can vary) where you can sleep inside with those comforts of a classic hotel room, excluding TV. The peculiarity is that in addition to being transparent, they are placed in strategic places such as in the middle of the woods, in picturesque snowy areas or near lakes, streams or the sea, surrounded by nature, which is a bit of the reason why several Italians are increasingly attracted to having this experience.

If you are looking for a unique and sustainable experience, if the cold doesn't scare you and you dare to sleep in the woods (safely) but without being able to lock your door, I suggest you book a stay at Atmosphere Bubble Glamping

From 2019 in Basilicata is Italy's first Bubble Gampling. It's not quite like staying in a hotel, but if you're attracted to the slow pace and rural atmosphere it's a nice relaxing, enveloping and intimate experience to have with your partner. Three quarters of the sphere is completely transparent and you feel enveloped by the trees during the day especially at dawn magical moment of awakening and in the evening if the sky is clear you can admire the stars embraced.


Looking outside is almost hypnotic In the morning, the alarm clock is at dawn, or rather before dawn at dusk, it is the first light of the morning that acts as your natural wake-up call and you think you are the most fulfilled person on earth, feeding on nature, the lifeblood from which the world comes to life.

The bathroom is outside. So if have an icy evening like the last Easter, you must really like the fine country air alternatively you have a good excuse to cling to your partner and get your cold feet warmed up, or take advantage of the private outdoor jacuzzi with hot water. The temperature was an ideal 39 degrees I guarantee you,

You are in a pressurized, heated bubble. The mechanism that holds the bubble up is the same as the heated cover of a pressure balloon for playing Beach tennis and volleyball even in winter. So to enter you have to push a door hard, pause a few seconds in the antechamber, close it, and then enter the bedroom. Of course, it is equipped with every comfort: from electricity, heating, and power to charge your cell phone to a small wardrobe, a mini-bar, and a star-view bed.

The bed is equipped with an electric bed warmer. Of all the nice things, I particularly appreciated this gem that made for a divine night's sleep by creating the perfect warmth for my bed (weather and temperature)

From 8 a.m. it is possible to have breakfast. Chiara the owner brings you a basket with something sweet and savory in it, coffee, tea and juice.


The price change by area, period and amenities. In Basilicata, a night in a bubble room, to be booked well in advance (including breakfast and jacuzzi), starts at €320 per night


It was one of the most adrenaline-pumping experiences made in my life. On Easter morning we were so charged up that as soon as we woke up, after having breakfast in the bubble and breathing new air, we headed to the Ponte Tibetano alla Luna di Sasso di Castalda which was only a 10-minute drive from the facility. It is the longest in Italy with a single span.

After parking the car in the town of Sasso di Castalda, (in the province of Potenza) we headed to the Info Point to buy tickets (Cost 20 euros per person) and then walking through the town we arrived at the first bridge, the test bridge “Ponte Petracca” 95 meters long and suspended at a height of about 30 meters. Crossing this first bridge leads to the slope characterized by geological formations. The route of the Tibetan bridges of Sasso di Castalda runs along the banks of the "Fosso Arenazzo," which opens right at the foot of the picturesque old town.

I was a little scared at first. The staff equipped us with protection and explained how to proceed.

By the end of the course I was excited. Don't let fear stop you, the rush of life it gives you is incredible. Crossing a Tibetan bridge is just like that, challenging the heights and the fear of the void.

After finishing the first bridge you have to walk a 10-minute trail along the bank of FOSSO to reach the start of the impressive “Ponte alla Luna”.

It's scary when you have to take the first step. It feels impossible to cross it. It is 300 meters long and you are suspended in the void 102 meters above the stream below, The finish is a terrace overlooking the bridge, a glass sky-walk, which invites you to catch your breath realizing the path you have faced.

We arrived at the closing time of 12:30 in time for the last ride, escorted by security engineer Marco who made the tour even more enjoyable.

The total duration of the tour of the two Tibetan bridges is about 1.5 hours.


Per rimanere in tema magia in questo piccolo borgo di 3000 abitanti c'è il Castello Caracciolo di Brienza dove davvero è possibile respirare una atmosfera magica e surreale. E' un’antica fortezza angìoina che è possibile visitare contattando direttamente la Pro loco del Comune di Brienza al numero 348 93 74 863 o, in alternativa il 351 80 89 359. Per le visite guidate al Castello Caracciolo occorre prenotare con un adeguato anticipo (almeno 24 ore prima).


Out of time, in a medieval mood for lunch we stayed in the small medieval village of Brienza and had lunch at Ristorante Pizzerie Antica Villa.

Really delicious. Local couisine with salami and cheese of the company's GR salumi from Salumificio di Picerno and a first course of peperoni cruschi, with a double plate offered by the house and mixed roast with vegetables and baked potatoes.


A causa del maltempo e della pioggia non sono riuscita a vedere questa chicca, il borgo dei murales a Satriano di Lucania in provincia di Potenza, Le origini di Satriano risalgono al medievo, ma oggi è famoso come la capitale dei Murales del Mezzogiorno. Il centro storico ospita più di 500 dipinti e ogni anno se ne aggiungono 5/10 nuovi tra luglio e agosto. Satriano di Lucania fa a parte dei Borghi autentici d’Italia e dell’Associazione dei Comuni Virtuosi. E’ grazie al sindaco, Vincenzo Giuliano, che decisero di riqualificare il centro storico, distrutto da un terremoto nel 1980, per renderlo un luogo artistico. Tutti i murales rappresentano i mestieri popolari, le credenze magiche del luogo, la devozione religiosa, cittadini illustri e vita rurale.

In Piazza Pietrafesa ci sono dei murales dedicati al peperoncino, che celebrano l’importanza di questa spezia nella cucina e nella cultura lucana. Il peperoncino è simbolo di fertilità, fortuna e forza. Non a caso Satriano di Lucania ospita l’Accademia del Peperoncino Lucano

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